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Time Machine?

on May 10, 2013

So  I know it’s Friday already … I’m not really sure how that happened, especially since it’s been a very long week! (Minus the birthday celebrations — which were amazing!!!) … but anyway, I never got to tell you about the fun we had this weekend 🙂

So let’s pretend that it’s monday (just for a second, I promise!) and I tell my story about our weekend adventures! Life had been so busy the previous week that P and I promised each other that we’d spend some time together on Saturday, just he and I (okay and Fiona). Hooray! We decided to go letterboxing together (check out my post all about letterboxing 101 here!) at a nearby state park. We spent some time in the morning getting stuff done around the house (side note, I swear, owning a house is really a full-time job. not enough hours in my day!!), and then took off in the early afternoon.

Walking on water

Walking on water

Thacher Park is enormous and there are tons of areas to picnic, trails to walk, and a pretty sweet overlook withan incredible view! It was a beauitful day for a hike – and we had a blast. We didn’t find all of our letterboxes, so we’ll have to go back and finish!

King and Queen of the rock

King and Queen of the rock

Fiona tinks that she’s a goat and likes to climb things 🙂 We’re so lucky to have this state park so close to us, and we really should get out there more! There’s so much more to explore, and Fiona loves to walk in the woods! Plus, it makes her a tired puppy later on. Now, if we could just get her to carry her own supplies!

On sunday we started off the day at our local farmer’s market. We are so excited that it has moved back outside, and it’s a place we go to pretty regularly! It’s neat to see the different goods that are there and I like to buy local produce! Sadly, we got there kind of late today, so most of the fruits and veggies were picked over … but we couldn’t resist these “adult cheeze-its”



We also got some flowers for the hanging baskets on our porch and got them planted. I love how summery they make the front of the house feel … now we just have to find a way to lenghten the chains … they are kinda short, which makes watering them kinda tricky! We also got the rest of our garden planted!! Hooray! Last year we made our planter box for our anniversary, so our planting got started kinda late!


This year we planted peppers, a tomato plant, peas, broccoli, lettuce and green beans … I am already watching anxiously for sprouts .. although some of the seeds take like 60 days , haha! I am hoping that we are more successful than last year! We finished off the weekend by celebrating Cinco de Mayo at home with tacos and margaritas (made from a mix that we bought at the farmer’s market last year — so good!)

We were too lazy to get out the  real margarita glasses

We were too lazy to get out the real margarita glasses

It really was a great way to start the week 🙂

Can’t say that this weekend will be all that relaxing this time around! My poor P has been struck with a wicked stomach bug – so I am trying to take care of him and not catch it!!! Plus, he is headed to Boston for a RedSox (EWWWWWWWWWWWW!) game on Sunday, so it will be a mad rush to get life/house things accomplished on Saturday, since it will be all about Mom on Sunday for me. 🙂 I still have to tell you all about my exciting bday gifts… next week my friends!

For all of my readers and blends that are Moms — a very big happy Mother’s day to you … and to all my fur-baby mom’s as well! It’s can be challenging to be Pet Mom’s as well!!




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