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Update on me, and a PSA: I need YOU!!

on April 30, 2013

Hello there …. so I kinda disappeared there for  like… a week? Sorry I’m not sorry? In my mind, I didn’t have anything that was really post-worthy for most of the week! So, why post a bunch of nothing just to create a post, right?

Early this morning, I decided that today was going to be a good day. Why? Well 1. because the sun is shining, and it’s supposed to reach 70 degrees today (yay!). 2. I’m having a good hair day! 3. I had the opportunity to visit P’s church last night to pick up some toys/books that they were getting rid of, and brought them into school today. I got myself a dollhouse for play therapy, AND the teachers were super excited!, and 4. I’m wearing my purple flats,which make me fee veryl fashion-foward!

All great ways to start my day! 😀 Gotta love that.

So, little catch-up with what’s been going on in my world ….

  • Weekend was awesome. The weather was beautiful, we spent time with P’s side of the family, and started planting our garden (ok, we put 2 pepper plants in, but it’s coming!!) We also had the opportunity to attend a gala for a local Humane Society on Saturday night, and it was a lot of fun. We were able to get all dressed up, and won some items that we bid on … plus all the money goes to help a local shelter … always a big plus in my book! I will admit that I experienced a little “buyer’s remorse” the day after, but then I realized that the money was going to a great cause and would help dogs and cats like my fur-babies…. so I got over that real quick!! 
  • Best Body Bootcamp is starting it’s 5th week already!! I cant believe that it’s all going so fast. I wish I could describe to you how amazing this program is. First of all, I never have to really plan my workouts – everything is spelled out for me – but I can also change things up, if I need to. Case in point: was going through the toys last night at the church, so I didn’t get a workout in.  No biggie, I moved everything else back a day. I’ve been struggling with shin  and knee pain, so I’ve had to alter my cardio workouts – been doing DVD’s that are less impact on those areas instead of so much running. PLUS, I just re-did my “fitness test” that we completed at the start of the program, and I made improvements in everything except my plank hold! (and I wasn’t surprised because I had just finished the “jello arms” workout!) – if that doesn’t tell me I’m making progress then I don’t know what does … you need to join us next round!!! I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t already thinking about the next round 🙂

  • Update on my niece: if you have been reading the blog over the last couple months, you know that my niece, Olivia has been pretty ill, and it was finally discovered that she somehow contracted the “Epstein-Barr” virus. In adults, this would be the mono virus, but it has affected her body very differently! She started out with jaundice, and then has had to have a bunch of blood and platelet transfusions because her body is no longer making white blood cells or platelets due to this virus. Last week was the Dr.’s “deadline” for seeing if Liv’s body would start making her own platelets.  Test results show that she is not 😦 She will now undergo medication to jumpstart her body to start producing white blood cells – the meds are just like chemotherapy. She was to start these on wednesday, but they have now discovered that she has some abcesses between her small and large intestine … so for the moment, she is on yet more antibiotics until that is cleared up.
    • Here is what I have learned through this whole ordeal: Children’s Hopsitals are amazing. Olivia has pariticpated in Easter and Earth Day celebrations, and she also gets a bead for every scary thing that she goes through and they get all strung together to symbolize her strength and courage.
    • Livi is so much stronger and more brave then I could ever be. So are her parents and my nephew, Brayden. I am so very proud of all of them.
    • they originally thought about a bone marrow transplant for Livi – but her younger brother was not a match — There is only a 25% chance that a sibling with match, and only a 50% chance that an identical twin will be a match! Instead of waiting for a donor, Olivia is getting the chemo. The doctors are confident that she will respond … and actually, at her test yesterday, she had a few of her own white blood cells! 🙂
Livi and her bravery necklace

Livi and her bravery necklace

So, now here, is my PSA for you:

Have you heard of Cameron Lyle? He is a a senior from the University of New Hampshire,who  trained 8 years to compete in the shotput for next month’s American East Championships. He recently told his coach he can’t go but for a great reason. Two years ago they took a swab of Cameron’s cheek for a bone marrow registry in his school cafeteria. He forgot all about it, then the other day the phone rang and doctor’s told him a 28 year old who has leukemia & SIX MONTHS to live is a perfect 100% match with Cameron. That’s a 1 in 5 million chance. If he donates his marrow he can save this strangers life but his athletic career is over. No tournament, no chance to be a champion. He said, “It was a no brainer”. Cameron chose LIFE over a trophy — a simply amazing, inspirational, warm fuzzy story. There is still good in this world. Read and watch his story here

Please, please, PLEASE visit your local blood bank – you can get swapped for the bone marrow registry and donate blood (and platelets!) at the same time. YOU could be the person that somewhere out there is waiting for. YOU could be the answer to someone’s prayer. YOU could save someone’s life.  Pretty sure there’s nothing more amazing then that. We are all blessed in so many different ways – think of what a priceless, amazing gift you could give to someone else.

You can also find out more information here for bone marrow donations. They will even send you a kit where you can swab yourself and send it in – then you are added to the registry.  I plan to start the process today. Won’t you join me?

Tackle your Tuesday friends. It’s going to be a good day. blogsignature


2 responses to “Update on me, and a PSA: I need YOU!!

  1. gosh I am so sorry about your niece but beyond happy she is on the mend. I am always in awe at the great doctors and nurses that make a kid’s visit that much easier. BBBC has been rocking me too, I love all the new moves I have learned.

  2. […] Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. (A couple of months ago, I even urged my readers to become someone’s hero!) You can imagine that it has been a very tough, stressful, and scary 6 months – Livi even had to […]

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