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Life Changed. {For Boston}

on April 16, 2013

They trained for days, months, and years. Thousands of miles.

They hemmed and hawed about to wear, what to use for fuel, what to focus on during Mile 21

They sweat, bled, and lost toenails and survived injuries.

Friends, Family, Loved ones gathered to watch their incredible athleticism, spirit, and endurance.

The world watched in amazement and awe.

26.2 miles.It was never an option to not finish.

They didn’t have a choice.


I am a Runner – and today my heart is in Boston. I am shocked, broken-hearted and horrified. It’s hard to put into words the tragedy that occurred yesterday at the Boston Marathon. Blood covering the streets,limbs lost, numerous injures – life lost. Why? How? Who? Questions that will most likely NEVER be answered fully. Today, we struggle to cope. So many dreams crushed. Why are we under attack yet again?

So, I choose, today, to focus on those who rushed into the smoke to help. On the first responders who carried those away from the scene. On the spectators that gave up their cell phones, coats, and belongings to help. On Bostonians that offerered their homes up to those who needed sanctuary. On the doctors and nurses who were faced with the task of putting people back together. On the runners that ran to the hospital to donate blood.

Running is all about mental strength, endurance, spirit – whether you are training for 26.2 miles, 3.1 miles, or just running because it makes you feel good – it is thought to be a solitary sport – you tend to compete against yourself and there are no teams. But the running community is nothing short of amazing. We lift each other up, motivate, encourage, and cheer one another when we reach goals. We will not be thwarted by this attack on our sport.

Today, I wear blue and yellow in solidarity and in support of Boston. Today I will run 4.09 miles in honor of all those involved. Today, I will try extra hard to be kind. Today, I will choose to focus on the helpers, and all the good in the world. I will NOT focus on the evil. United, we remain.

But if there is one thing I know for sure, it is that we are forever changed. As runners, as Americans, as people. We. are. changed.


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