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Feeling Strong Friday: BBB Check-in and Killer Strength Moves!

on April 12, 2013

So, this is what greeted me this morning when I left for work:

Ice on my car. not cool

Ice on my car. not cool

Seriously Mother Nature? WTF? Enough with the cold, snow, and now apparently, freezing rain and ice. I’d like to actually experience warm weather before fall and winter come around again. Also, I’d really appreciate it if you could NOT kill off all my pretty spring plants and flowers. Just sayin’.

Moving on.  This weekend marks the end of BBB week 2 – I can’t even believe it! The workouts for weeks 3 & 4 just arrived to my inbox, and I’m already super excited about them! (Is that sick? kinda.) I can’t even tell you how much I am enjoying being a part of this program — I’ve already started to feel some changes, and I’m certainly feeling them! I wanted to share with you two moves that came from this workouts that made me want to die  really made me feel the burn (and ok, and MAY have made me curse out loud!)

Have you heard about Surrenders? Oh My Word. We did 8 of these per side, and did 3 reps. Doesn’t sounds like too many right? Totally do-able. mwahahahahaha. WRONG. They will make your shoulders BURN like nobody’s business!! And your shoulders will continue to burn for, like, the next 2 days at least. I did my surrenders with 8lb dumbells… and it most definitely burned so good{?) I most definitely felt like a badass when I accomplished all three sets! Here’s the move if you want to give it a shot (and I think you should!)

So, now that you have tried that one out and your arms are on FIAH! Let’s chat about plank rows. Again – OMG. Oh you know, just get yourself in a plank position with some dumbbells and then do some rows! I think the hardest part is trying NOT to move your hips and just your arms. You body naturally wants to shift from side to side when you are lifting the dumbells. I have a love/hate relationship with this move — and 12 might have been a million! But man, did it feel good when I was able to complete them 🙂

Try ’em out – let me know how it goes 🙂 those two moves were definitely the most hated memorable moves from weeks 1 & 2 of BBB! You’ll totally feel awesome once you complete them! Make sure you use weights that are challenging enough – but not too challenging

I’ve learned quite a bit already from BBB:

  • I really love strength training – it makes me feel strong!
  • my left shoulder is weaker than the right
  • i’ve missed cardio intervals — although I don’t love watching the clock while I’m running
  • I’m liking that I took all different body measurements so that I can track my progress
  • Doing this workout with P is a ton of fun — we’re doing them, and commiserating while we lift
  • my running is already showing signs of improvment – I can run faster for longer periods of time (yay!)
  • I’m also already needing to use heavier weights than when I started.


So, overall, I’m absolutely loving the BBB thus far, and have no regrets about joining in!

Question of the Day:  How do you feel strong today? Weekend plans?  


2 responses to “Feeling Strong Friday: BBB Check-in and Killer Strength Moves!

  1. such a good idea to take measurements before hand! I have thought about doing bbb before but didn’t really know what I would get out of it

    • Brittany says:

      I’m glad I took measurements and am not only relying on weight — that’s been a frustrating battle for me, haha! I love that all my workouts are planned and that I’m getting 3 strength days in plus cardio — I needed a change in my workout schedule … and I really like how it makes me feel 🙂


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