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Salvage Fun and Following the Roolz

on April 9, 2013

Well, I guess I should get to the “what I did this weekend” post before the next one begins 🙂 It was actually a very busy, but very fun weekend – always a good thing right!

On Friday I got to go bowling with my two “pseudo-nephews” (P’s nephews!) – I had told the older nephew that I could go bowling with him while we were both on vacation from school! So on Friday afternoon, I found myself at the bowling alley with the boys and my “pseudo-in-laws” — we had a blast, even though I SUCK at bowling! After bowling was over, I jetted over to visit my grandmother – she has been moved to a rehabilitation center to rehab from her hip surgery – and she is looking great!! I was there for quite some time with my mom, and then hurried home, as one of my best friends K, and P were waiting for me to come home, eat dinner, and then hit up a local hockey game!


nephew love ❤

Sadly, the game kinda was sucky, but P’s company was using their box at the arena, so we got to hang out in comfort with some of P’s co-workers. After the game, we hit up a nearby bar for some drinks… the friends continued on to a new bar, but K , P and I had a totally different plan in mind….

SweetFrog froyo just opened this week, and we were totally obsessed with having froyo before they closed!! We made it … and totally enjoyed our sugar fix (and it WAS super sweet … but, it’s froyo!) … and enjoyed watching a couple who were stuck in 1989 (think neon windbreaker and neon moonshoes!) buy every piece of merchandise the store offered — complete with a fuzzy pink “frog” winter hat. Gosh i love people. All in all – a good time.

Saturday held more fun – it started off with a hair appt for both P and I – I just got a trim – no worries ;), and then we went to several antique/salvage places to look for a piece that P needed to fix the door in puppy Fiona’s room — we have a very old house, complete with very old doors, so we have to hunt to find hardware sometimes! Luckily, we were successful, at one of our most favorite places – it’s called the “Silver Fox Salvage” and they have old “stuff” (I don’t know what to call it, it’s a total hodgepodge of things – from lighting to furniture to reclaimed wood, to chalkboards to old door parts and church pews!) — they also make custom pieces from all their “stuff” and we got to meet one of the guys who does a lot of the custom work -so neat! 10,000+ square feet of all kinds of various treasures … we could spend HOURS in there!

While all THAT was going on, I decided that we should host an impromptu game night/light our fire pit for the first time night — so i was contacting friends during all the friday/saturday activities… and once we finished door shopping, we hit up 2 different targets to pick up some supplies for snacks/beverages. I also NEEDED the game “Quelf” – Courtney wrote about it on her blog quite awhile ago, but it sounded hysterical…. it is! One of the best tasks of the night was one of our friend having to plug his nostril and yodel until he and his partner rolled four “2’s” omg, so funny! P and I had to award (meaningless) points to everyone, or we were penalized… and another team was not allowed to bend their arms or legs… we also learned a lot about one another when we had to give answers to the question “Places where you’ve been naked” 😀

 I was totally the worst blogger ever, and took no picutres. But I guess that means that I was just soaking it all up –and living in the moment! P and I made skinny taco dip, buffalo chicken wing dip, veggie platter, guilt-less brownies (from TJ!) and cookies … my friend K also brought fresh guac and bacon wrapped dates … yum. And of course, we also partook in adult beverages… if you know anything about me, you know I love my flavored vodka, and “don’t believe in beer.” I have a new favorite – cherry coke and chocolate whipped vodka. Try it … dessert in a cup! 😉 We ended the night up by playing Apples to Apples- which is always one of my faves!!! I can’t wait to host game night again — especially as the weather gets warmer and we can use the yard!

Sunday was spent decompressing, as well as the usual getting ready for the week chores… I also got in workout #6 for me this week – a first for me, thanks to Tina’s Better Body Bootcamp! (I absolutely love it by the way, more on that later this week!)

So there you have it … a busy, fun, weekend.  #love

Question of the day: Completey unrelated to anything in this post — do you use a watch/monitor for your runs? (Garmin, Polar?) I am seriously considering buy one and would like to hear what you like and don’t like!



2 responses to “Salvage Fun and Following the Roolz

  1. I used to have a Polar FT7 and I absolutely LOVED it, but wanted something that also tracked distance, so I sold that and bought the Fit Bit Zip over the weekend. It’s been shipped and I can’t wait to try it out!

    • Brittany says:

      That’s really good to know about the Polar FT- I didn’t realize it didn’t track distance … Let me know how you like the fitbit- I’ve kinda been waiting for the flex to come out!

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