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The bookworm in me :)

on March 19, 2013

I don’t even want to talk about the weather right now. Stupid, stupid snow. Hate it. And it’s really coming down right now — I think we have more kids out then actually in school at the moment.

Anyway – how was your weekend? Our St. Patty’s day celebration was lots of fun on Saturday — our friends definitely go all out, which makes it evven more fun. Lots of good food and leprechaun punch and silly antics – and of course plenty of green flair for everyone!

Me and P decked out in our green flair!

Me and P decked out in our green flair!

And I so love people watching.. and the outfits that people choose — I’m not a fan of leggings – and I’m definitely not a fan of leggings as actual pants… like with a shirt that stops at the waist.  Even worse — black tights as pants. Not okay… I have no interest in seeing your underwear color or your actual butt cheek. That’s not hot on anyone. Ok, PSA over.


I also saw a girl drop trouser and pee in front of a bush while walking back from the parade. Sure, ok – do what you gotta do 🙂 People amuse me.

Me and our friend who takes St. Patty's very seriously :)

Me and our friend who takes St. Patty’s very seriously 🙂

 Moving on -Sunday was a good mix of relaxing and getting things done around the house.  I just started a new book – The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand – I am loving it!!! I got sucked right in and can’t seem to put it down for some reason (Maybe it’s because the world blue is in the title?) I haven’t even finished it yet and I would recommend it!

Book description: “Adrienne Dealey has spent the past six years working for hotels in exotic resort towns. This summer she has decided to make Nantucket home. Left flat broke by her ex-boyfriend, she is desperate to earn some fast money. When the desirable Thatcher Smith, owner of Nantucket’s hottest restaurant, is the only one to offer her a job, she wonders if she can get by with no restaurant experience. Thatcher gives Adrienne a crash course in the business…and they share an instant attraction. But there is a mystery about their situation: What is it about Fiona, the Blue Bistro’s chef, who captures Thatcher’s attention again and again? And why does such a successful restaurant seem to be in its final season before closing its doors for good? Despite her uncertainty, Adrienne must decide whether she’ll move on,as she always does–or finally open her heart…”

Speaking of books — I have some super duper exciting new – at least for me 🙂 This morning I was checking emails while drying my hair  and saw that P had sent me a link already — when I clicked on it, I actually did a little jig in my bathroom (Bet you’re sorry that you missed that!)

Friends. Jodi Piccult. She’s one of my most favorite authors EVER. If I was home right now I could snap a shot of my bookcase and you could see all her books on there — I don’t buy many books (I read them too fast and would run out of room like yesterday! The library just makes more senes) – but hers – I collect. Her books always make me think and I love, love, LOVE how she tells her stories from different perspectives – the first book I read – Nineteen Minutes- is about a school shooting and it totally changed the way I looked at such a tragic event. I’ve been obsessed with her books ever since.

Anyway, I digress. Jodi Picout is coming to Manchester VT on thrusday to do a book talk on her new book – “Storyteller” — and tickets are only $33 for 2 seats, her new book, and she personalizes it, and will also sign anothr book as well. And I’m going!!!! P and I bought tickets are headed to Manchester after work — to say I’m freaking excited is an understatement!!!! 😀 😀 I’m currently like a little kid waiting to see Santa — I cant even sit still! Is that sad? I’m such a bookworm!So, you know – that’s where I’ll be on Thursday. No sweat 😉 And maybe i can talk P into eating at Cilantro again!?

You can check out the event here: 

I hope that you are having a great tuesday, and are not staring at the artic tundra like I currently am. Does shoveling count as my upper body workout?

P.S. I’m working on getting the rigatoni lasgna recipe up in case youre interested in it!

P.P.S we made a cheeseburger casserole from on Sunday night —  it’s awesome!!! Tastes just like a cheesebuger! The only change I made was to use sweet relish instead of dill pickles — mostly because I hate pickles, but love relish. This will definitely be a frequent flier on our menu plan – AND we have leftovers!

Questions for you:

Are you a bookworm? What do you like to read? What should I ask Jodi P?!!



2 responses to “The bookworm in me :)

  1. Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors of all time. You should so go! I like how festive you guys were, so cool. I am sorry it is snowing, i couldn’t even imagine.

    • Brittany says:

      I can’t even tell you how irritated I am that it is snowing yet again. I have my ticket and am hitting the road thursday after work! *~*Brittany*~*

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