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Friday Fab

on March 15, 2013

Another Friday has made it’s way here — hooray!! Considering how busy this week has been, I’m surprised that I haven’t felt like this week has dragged! I’m sure the somewhat nicer weather has helped with that 🙂

I’m happy to report that I am officially signed up for Better Body Bootcamp, and I am super excited for it! I feel like this is the perfect time for me to change things up — especially with all the frustration of the lack of weight loss, and also with spring right around the corner — you know, cause I’d like to fit into my clothes 😉 I can’t thank you enough for all your encouraging words and feedback on adding more consistent strength training to my workouts! I’m pumped (pun intended) to get started!


Niece update: thank you for all your concern — it has been another stressful week, as the doctors finally diagnosed her, but her blood counts took a turn for the worse, and she was admitted the hospital on tuesday– luckily, things really seem to maybe be on the upswing – she’s eating and wants to go home! She still has some tests to go through, but will hopefully be discharged on saturday 🙂 I put a little care package together for her, and I’m excited to get it out to her – some fun activity books, a new shirt, a book to read, and some frosted animal cookies – I love shopping for her, and hopefully it will all put a smile on her face!

care package

care package

I also picked myself up a little something while I was shopping fo Olivia …



Dr. Pepper Chapstick!!! My absolute favorite soda AND my chapstick addiction all tied up in one thing?!? How could I resist?

And look what else came in the mail yesterday —


This was my last prize for winning Elf4Health — my Avia crosstrainers — it was an awesome surprise to get yesterday, and I tried them out right away! I was scheduled for a little date with Bob Harper for some cardio rev — I really need to do a review on that DVD – it’s awesome, and always kicks my ass! Anyway, my new sneakers were perfect for the workout -they are super light and comfy — perfect for getting some height for squat jumps and tuck jumps! I really couldn’t believe how light the sneakers really were — plus, they look great too! And I didn’t feel like I needed to “break them in” or anything – just a really great sneaker.  They are a great addition to my workout aresnal 😀

So, what’s on your agenda for the weekend? Later this evening, I’m headed to a CAbi party that one of my friends is hosting! CAbi is a high end clothing line that is shown in homes — and there are sales consultants  that sell the clothes –kinda like Pampered Chef and Thirty-One bags. The clothes tend to be a little pricey for me — but I am really excited to see the new spring line. Plus I get to enjoy some wine, try on some clothes, and hang out with a bunch of girls… doesn’t get much better than that! And I’m hoping maybe i’ll find a more “staple” piece that I can add to my wardrobe! You can shop online, so be sure to check them out – they have some awesome pieces

Saturday we are partaking in the St. Patrick’s day fun, complete with parade and adult beverages 🙂 I’m actually kinda excited about it, since we rarely have plans on St. Pat’s — in fact, I don’t know if we’ve ever really celebrated it. and our friend gets really into it — to the point that he dresses up like a leprechaun and hosts the party at his house — so fun! So I’ve got my green shirt ready to go — and have to find my flask — especially since i HATE the taste of beer! And, we will probably end up somewhere that includes corned beef and cabbage — I cant stand it (and I tried really hard to like it!!), but P LOVES it 🙂

I hope that you all have an eazy breezy friday and a wonderful weekend — watch out for leprechans 🙂


5 responses to “Friday Fab

  1. I’ve decided I’m also going to sign up for Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. Your post the other day really resonated with me. My clothes are not fitting like they used to and putting on a pair of too tight pants definitely puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

  2. The only way I like corned beef is on a good rueben! Enjoy your St. Pat’s party on Saturday!

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