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Doomsday Tuesday

on March 12, 2013

Ever have one of those mornings when you just want to dig a hole in the ground and just hide there for most of the day? That was me this morning. I had a quick little “hey the weekend was awesome!” post — and it was — great weather, ran errands, took the puppy for a 2 mile walk with P after I ran 3.5 miles, and we finished of the weekend with a little froyo… and then yesterday night, I actually watched the Bachelor finale on the same day that it was on –I was planning on finally posting my rigatoni lasgana recipe #winning!

And then this morning happened. And sadly, it’s  not like the roof fell in or anything (been there, done that!) — I went through my morning routine, started to get dressed. And my pants didn’t fit. WTF. These were not new pants, these were pants that I wore probably a few months ago… and fit with no problem. Again, WTF. Immediate mood killer — I found myself quickly spiraling down the negative path

“I’m so fat” …. “I exercise 5x a week and eat rabbit food. Why the HELL can’t I lose weight” …. ” I’m done with eating.”

I looked in the mirror and all I could see was my flaws. In reality, I’m not overweight, I feel healthier than I have in a SUPER long time. I’m just not happy with what my body looks like and the lack of progress I’m making. I’ve tried eating more, eating less, drinking more water, changing up my workouts, and have looked into heart/body monitors … I just dont get it. I know I need to track my calories and see what’s going on – and I really don’t know why I am so resistant to doing it, other then I find it very tedious – except that I eat a lot of the same things, at least for breakfast and lunch. Perhaps the weekend froyo did me in. (or maybe it was the greasy pizza that I was craving, ate, and then paid for  the next day – my poor digestive system!!).  I know I need to cut myself a break… things like this happen. I hate that my weight can send me into a tailspin that ruins the whole day (I even decided to stop weighing myself every week for bigget loser, because it was such a negative experience!) . Why, Why, Why – why can’t I have a six pack, why am I “blessed” with these larger thighs, why can’t I get it right?  Isn’t it funny how easy it is to let all those negative thoughts spiral so quickly? Why doesn’t positivity work like that!?

Enter Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp — it came across my radar yesterday through some blogs that I read – I’ve seen it before — and kinda just dismissed it. Yesterday, I really actually did some research on the whole program and I’m kinda really seriously thinking about joining for Round 5 — I need a change. and I’ve really wanted to add more strength training into my life – I’m only getting in about 1 day a week. But mostly, I need a change. I haven’t signed up yet — but I’m certainly headed that way. Anyone have any experience with it? What are your thoughts?

I would most definitely trade the fat feelings for a nicely toned body 🙂 I would also trade the bird crap that was on my car, the mud puddle that I stepped in, and the cat poop that was on the floor this AM. Usually when I get doing in a funk like this, I have to consciously make myself stop and write down some things that I wouldn’t trade! So….

  • I wouldn’t trade my family, or P (poor guy, I wonder how many times a month he has to say some version of “You’re not fat!”
  • Puppy love or butt wiggles – even though I was pissed this morning, Fiona’s wiggly butt dance and need for love made me smile
  • My ability to move, exercise, and attempt to eat healthy – some people aren’t able to do those things
  • My eyes – because they are my one physical trait that don’t let me down.
  • 50 degree weather – even though it’s going to rain all day , at least it isn’t cold

There. I’m feeling better already!


7 responses to “Doomsday Tuesday

  1. Yay! BBBC is a great mood booster without so much time needed in the gym. I think you are being so hard on yourself, sometimes self love is what really need to take priority over those pants. you know?

    • Brittany says:

      You are so right Alex!!! I saw all your posts on the BBB and how much you loved it – I do all my workouts at home, so this would fit right in!! *~*Brittany*~*

  2. Dyanna says:

    I started strength Training (seriously at least 3 times a week) last month and it has made a HUGE difference in 1. weight loss 2. I’ve realized i’m capable of a lot more than I give myself credit for and 3. my body LOOKS and Feels better.. well minus the incredible soreness at this exact moment. It is amazing what a few weighted squats a few times a week can do for your thighs 😉

    • Brittany says:

      Thanks for the info Dyanna! I do lots of workouts that include weights, but I guess I never really focused on it!! Maybe my pants will fit better 🙂

  3. Way to keep things positive when it is SOOO hard to!

  4. Losing weight sucks and it’s hard. I do cardio every day, but I also started adding in strength training and HUGE difference. While the scale hasn’t budged, I’ve dropped two sizes and couldn’t be happier. Good luck to you, I bet adding in more strength training is going to pay off BIG time for you!!!

    • Brittany says:

      It is so good to hear that — I think I would be less upset about the weight loss if I could just see physical changes in my body!! Thank you for giving me hope! 🙂

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