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The groundhog lies…

on March 8, 2013

… because this is the current view outside:

Imageso much for an early spring… and so much for that 2-4″ we were supposed to get!! My day started off with a 2 hour delay, which later turned into a snow day (of course, I was in the shower already when I got THAT call!)!! I am, of course, thrilled to have the day off and have been very lazy this morning and lovin’ it! I was somewhat stressed this AM because I had two important meetings that were going on today, but what can I do?? Answer: after shooting off some emails early this AM, I settled in to enjoy my day —  I just have to participate in a conference call this afternoon — sweet!

But anyway — this is certainly no “early spring”  — I’m sure hoping that this is winter’s last big blowout — can’t wait until all the snow melts tomorrow in 45 degree weather and the yard is a swamp again! That will be especially fun, since we are having someone come out to the house to give us an estimate on siding! (our house is currently “old school” stucco, and we are exploring different options for having it repaired, at the moment) I JUST WANT TO WEAR MY FLIP FLOPS!!

Speaking of spring, snow, and winter — when is enough with the Christmas decorations?? I’ve seen quite a few still up- and I’m not just talking about some lights on the house. I’m talking full-fledged lawn displays, complete with giant deflated snowmen,light-up presents and candy canes, and a Santa in his sleigh … sitting under a St. Patrick’s Day flag. REALLY?? It’s time people. Put them back in your garage/basement/sheds — you look ridiculous.

And on a totally unrelated note, today I decided to try putting some cut up apples and a dash of cinnamon into my water bottle – I have been working hard this week to try to increase my water intake, since I’ve noticed some more frequent leg cramping and headaches. But I don’t love water – particularly in the winter. I like my water super cold, and that’s just not enticing when the temperature is 30 degrees. I’ve done lemon and limes, which is refreshing. But I thought that I’d give this a try, as someone had mentioned it back on a healthysELF FB post! I’d show you a picture, but my camelbak bottle is blue (of course), so that kinda defeats the purpose, and it’s not very pretty!! I’ll have to report back on the taste 🙂

Any fun plans for the weekend? We have none yet — but I am determined to find something to do! And now, I have to go drag Fiona out of the snow – she, for one, is super excited to have snow to run and jump in!

Happy Friday dear friends — the weekend is here 🙂


7 responses to “The groundhog lies…

  1. My parents got dumped with snow too and they were only supposed to get 1 inch. Sucks! I want warm weather now

  2. Wow! That’s crazy, I’m in (super) upstate NY and we didn’t get a thing…the sun is shining today! As drinking more water, try dropping in a couple slices of cucumber. Super refreshing!

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