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Attitude of Gratitude – take 2

on March 6, 2013

Friends. I apologize for my absence — I have been without internet at work for 4 DAYS! Not only has this made accomplishing many things at work impossible, thus making the current “to-do” list 100x longer, but I haven’t been able to publish my posts either, since I usually do it at work! So, the following post is a little bit of catch up, with a lot of gratitude, thanks to a healthysElf task (one of my favorites!!)

So, this weekend passed in a total blur… right? It was a good weekend, but a fast one!! We had a date night on Saturday, and attempted to use our “date night jar” — we pulled out “Restaraunt Hop” a few weeks ago, but plans/life kept changing on us, and we hadn’t had a chance to do it. So, while we were running our errands on Saturday, we planned out our plan of attack — we had a different place picked out for appetizers/drinks, dinner, and dessert — BUT, we got to our first place and were told that there was an hour and half wait for a table, AND the bar was packed.. oops. So, we hit up one of our very favorite places, the Melting Pot (which was our dessert place anyway), and had dinner there. If you’ve never been… oh my word, it’s amazing!! Fondue EVERYTHING! We skipped the actual dinner part, thanks to a late lunch, and had cheese fondue, salad, and chocolate fondue. YUM. Made for fun date night! 🙂

You know you want some :)

You know you want some 🙂

Other weekend highlights: P made cinnamon rolls cause I was CRAVING them — (I love that he can whip up just about anything in the kitchen -without a recipe and without stressing!), a hair appointment (nothing overly exciting), life errands, a little shopping, and a little relaxing 🙂 Apparently I should have relaxed a little longer, because I can’t believe that it is ONLY Wednesday — I feel like I’ve lived a month in the last 2 days!

random stuff: my foot pain is still around — it is the strangest thing!! It comes and goes — yesterday the ball of my LEFT foot was killing me after my workout, and today the sides of both feet hurt (which um, kinda makes walking a little difficult!). I am totally confused as to what is going on at this point. I do know that I need to find some cardio exercises that do not put stress on my feet — (yesterday’s video had lots of jumping) — send me ideas! And honestly, I should probably take some rest days, but if I’m being honest,  I know in my heart that’s probably not going to happen… which is a whole other post for a different day!

tough stuff: for the last week or so, my 7 year old niece has been struggling with some weird liver virus — she has experienced jaundice and tons of blood draws, and has been in and out of the hospital — it’s been a lot scary and a lot stressful — especially since she lives in Georgia — luckily, the doctors think they finally have it figured out and she seems to be headed toward an upswing! Thank God!!

ok, time for some gratitude! Thursday’s healthysELF task was to write down 20 things that you are grateful for – we did this the first time around, and it was one of my most favorite challenges — I got so much benefit out of it that I was inspired to download my gratitude journal app! It’s amazing how much positively can come from such a small thing.  

Today, I am grateful for …

  1. My niece’s health, good doctors, and good news about her virus
  2. My family — I feel blessed that we are all so close knit and support one another through everything
  3. Cinnamon rolls — I am eating one now, and they are still delicious!
  4. My internet – I really dont know how we survived without it, although I can certainly remember life without it AND dial-up!
  5. Sunshine – took Fiona for a walk yesterday in the sun, and even though it was chilly, that sun felt SO good (btw, where the HELL is Spring?!)
  6. Puppy Fiona – she brings me so much joy, and loves me and P unconditionally
  7. Vacation – P and I are working on planning a vacation in June and I am so grateful that we have the time, and the funds, this year to do so
  8. Guilty Pleasure TV – it helps me turn my brain off
  9. Chapstick – I have a VERY large collection, and right now, my lips are SO chapped!
  10. Coffee — I think that will be on every list, every time. It warms my hands, tummy, and heart!
  11. Music – Music has always been a huge part of my life – lately, i’ve really been using it to pump me up, inspire me, and calm me down. The right song can do so much on any given day!! I will admit, there’s been some NKOTB this week! 😉
  12. Working on some “new years resoultions” this week – increasing my plank & therapy dog school
  13. Chocolate – I have been having major cravings, and have been having a small piece after lunch every day. perfect end to lunch, and a perfect start to the afternoon
  14. Feeling content with who I am – I’ve been struggling with this lately, but right now, I’m okay with me. It’s a nice feeling 🙂
  15. the back massager on my work chair — my back/shoulder muscles are almost always tight/sore, and more so when I have to do a lot of typing (ok, that’s always)
  16. Spring. I don’t know where it is, but all my favorite stores must know, because all the fun spring clothes are flooding my inbox. Gosh, i cannot wait for flip flops — and my first spring pedicure! ahhhhhh
  17. Happy, quiet children — there have been quite a few meltdowns at school over the last week, so silence has been golden!
  18. Pens that write nicely – there is just something about a good pen! (and colored post-it notes too!)
  19. “Just because” presents – P was at a conference yesterday and brought me back some fun goodies (most noteably, a chocolate oreo brownie, and a chocolate covered rice krispie treat with a Peep on top – see # 13!) — it’s nice to be thought of and missed!
  20. Peter – my heart, my rock, my soulmate – He is one thing that always makes pefect sense in my life. I will always feel grateful that he loves me back 🙂

One more thing: check out Erica’s 30 day Happiness Challenge -She just launched the idea today, and I am totally excited about it!! Who doesn’t need a little kick start to happy? Come join the fun!

So, your turn — what are you grateful for? And, totally unrelated, cardio ideas for me that won’t break my feet?!


2 responses to “Attitude of Gratitude – take 2

  1. Welcome back 🙂
    I can only imagine how scary it’s been for your niece, yay for an upswing and diagnosis!!

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