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Weekend News

on February 25, 2013

Good Afternoon Bloggers! How is Monday treating you? I’m feeling a little slow/behind the ball, as I am just getting back into the swing of things at work. Vacation was WONDERFUL, but it sure was hard at first to turn my “school psychologist” brain back on this morning! I am now finally feeling like I’m actually functioning. anywhoo……..

This weekend:

– I think I figured out what may be going on with my foot — I think the pain is coming from wearing my Ugg boots for an extended lentgh of time while walking. They are very flat, and don’t seem to have a ton of support. I’m also pretty sure that the pain started after I wore them in Manchester while I was shopping! So, hopefully, I can be more aware of this and see if that’s the problem!

– We “rented” Pitch Perfect for “date night” on Friday — the plan was TCBY and fro-yo — and I loved the movie!…. other than the fact that Time Warner Cable sucks, and we literally had to re-buy it no less that 50 times — it kept stopping every few minutes! We tried to make the best of it, we made up our own dialogue and danced like mermaids while we were fast fowarding every time — but it did get very annoying — we eventually gave up and watched the last 20 minutes on saturday morning! and yet, I still LOVED the movie. I really wish that I could sing (well, and not sounding like a cat in a blender!)

– We had a big adventure of letting Fiona go “off leash” on a golf course that is down the road from the house. We’ve been curious for a long time about how she would react to it. So, we put on our running shoes, filled our pockets with treats, and released the “hound” – she didn’t do too bad, all things considering!!   Plus, she was super happy!! At first she stayed relatively close, and came when she was called — but that lasted all of 10 minutes! Then she got more brave, got the scent of something(s) and took off!! I’d be lying if I didn’t freak out/panic on more than one occassion – especially when she was headed towards a large water trap! But in the end, she did come back to us with the help of her cookies! It was an experience! (Plus, she went home and napped for several hours! BONUS!)


I'm freeeeeeee!

I’m freeeeeeee!

– I spent some time researching Therapy dogs and what it would involve to get Fiona certified (this is one of my new years goals!) – I found some places around us that offer classes – they are kinda pricey, and I’m still doing some research on what she needs to demonstrate to pass the test. I’m really excited about it though!

– We worked on planning our summer vacation 🙂

– I learned how to curl my hair with my flat iron. This is a huge deal for me — I am complete hair challenged, and am lucky that i can use a brush and a hair dryer successfully. It always frustrates me that I can’t make my hair look cute, and that I seem to completely be missing this particular “girl gene” — you can find  great tutorial here (thanks Pinterest!) I still need practice, but I’m getting there!!

Pinned Image

– I made a pretty kick ass birthday cake for my Dad – his birthday is later on this week, and we celerated it on Sunday. The cake was also a pain in my ass, but it ended up okay in the end, because it tasted so darn good!! I made a dark chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream frosting and a chocolate ganache (which didn’t really “ganache”!) in the middle.  I may share the recipe if you’re lucky 😉 Definitely not “healthy” in any sense of the word, but oh, so good!

Dark chocolate cake with salted caramel buttervream frosting

Dark chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream frosting

Not the best picture -- but get in my belly!!

Not the best picture — but get in my belly!!

other highlights: lunch with mom at olive garden, running to TJ to pick up THE champagne pear salad dressing (have you had it yet!) … and having to use a zucchini as a “go go gadget arm” to reach it (I love being short, really I do!), did some shopping, managed to skip out on grocery shopping (well sort of, have to do it today!), and started a new book 🙂 All in all, a great weekend!!

Hope your monday is starting your week off to a great start! 🙂



5 responses to “Weekend News

  1. That cake looks awesome! I bet your dad loved it.

    Yes! The TJ Champagne pear salad dressing is sooo good! One of my favs!

    Hope is a therapy dog through this organization

    We did not have to take any classes. I was able to find a tester/observer in my area and the tested/observed us for three visits. If you have any questions, let me know. You and Fiona will definitely find it rewarding.

    What book did you start? I should be finishing The Shoemaker’s Wife this week. My next book with be either Tell The Wolves I’m Home or The Kitchen House.

    I am also hair challenged. I can barely put my hair in a ponytail.

    • Brittany says:

      You must have known I was thinking about you?!?! I was going to email you and ask you how you were!! Thanks for the info on therapy dogs– that’s so cool that hope is one! Where do you go? I have lots of questions for you 🙂

      I just started reading a book by Cathy Lamb — new author for me– It’s called The First Day of My Life (or something close to that). It’s taken a long time for me to get into it– I’m about halfway thru. How are you?!

      • I am good. Sitting here on my couch watching The Biggest Loser. I’m really rooting for Danni on the show.

        I did a treadmill run at my gym this evening. I’m trying to do the Couch to 10k. I’m on week 10 Day 2. However, I’m having trouble getting through this. After a five minuted warm-up, I’m to run for 15 minutes and then walk for 1 minute and then repeat two more times. The first 15 minutes is great for me. The second 15 minutes get tough near the end. The last 15 minute segment has been getting kicking my butt.

        I think my trouble completing week 10 Day 2 is because I took almost a week off from exercising. Was having some right sided lower abdomen pain. At first I thought it was appendicitis. That is not the case. The pain is gone now so have no idea what it was. Also, I have not been eating the best. My goal this week is to get back on the better eating wagon.

        I did some food prep this weekend. Made some kale chips and chopped up veggies and made a batch of buffalo chicken chili. I had some for lunch today. It was yum!

        The therapy group I am a member of visits nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehab facilities, hospitals, and special visits. I have learned Hope doesn’t do the best with nursing home visits. She does better with younger kids and one room visits. Once a month there is a visit at a Behavioral Treatment Facility for children that I try to visit with Hope. It is a room one visit with kids and Hope and the kids and I love it. Tomorrow night is a fun visit that our group has been invited to particpate in. Creighton University has our group visit their campus several times during the school year. They are having a stress-free mid-term study event tomorrow and the therapy dogs are invited. I love those visits.

        I have not read any books by Cathy Lamb yet. That books sounds good. I’m reading one right now called Tell The Wolves I’m Home. It is the monthly book for one of the online book clubs I do. It’s an young adult book so not one I would normally read. It’s okay. Luckily it is a fast read.

        How is your foot feeling?

  2. wasn’t pitch perfect so good? I bet your foot pain is from your uggs, I was having something similar from the boots I wear to work. such a bummer

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