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What IS Beautiful?

on February 4, 2013

Today is the big kickoff  of #HealthysELF! (Have you signed up yet? Why not?!) — PS Today’s challenge was “go meatless and Thursdays challenge is to do 100 burpess throughout the day — holy moly! –anyway — one of our big “mottos” is to be your own kind of beautiful.. which made me start thinking about beauty and what I would define “being beautiful as” and what it means when I apply it to who I am. In case your wondering, I didn’t come up with an answer!! But I did have a whole bunch of random thoughts, and here are some of them!

Beauty is …

  • Being confident. This is almost always the first thing that jumps into my head when I think of being beautiful – being confident in who you are a person, who you want to be, and in your decisions. I know that I am not, sadly, the most confident person in the world. I lack this trait, and I think that it definitely impacts me.
  • Being able to see the good in things/people/situations. Let’s face it, life is rarely easy and it’s not always sunny. I think it always important to be able to see the silver lining or look at things from a different perspective. To me, this trait is beautiful.
  • Being kind. This thought goes along with the last one, I suppose. Everyone we meet is facing or fighting tough things — it’s important to treat all living things with kindness. I am the first to admit that this isn’t always easy.

  • That pair of jeans/heels/ or outfit that just makes you feel AMAZING. You know the one. It makes you feel like you could conquer the world and gives you all sorts of confidence!
  • Loving yourself – “flaws” and all —  I am well aware that no one is perfect — a grad school professor of mine said it best when she said “Pefect would be weird!’ — but learning to love your outside and inside, including those flaws? That’s beautiful. I’m not there yet!! (PS How do you get there?)
  • Unconditional Love. I think this is one of the “things” that makes me feel the most beautiful. Someone loving me, no matter what I do, what mistakes I make, or what I wear is a pretty powerful thing

  • Self Love. Pampering and guilty pleasures falls under this category for me. I think its important to treat ourselves in a way that makes us feel beautiful. Whether that’s getting a mani/pedi, singing 90’s songs into a hairbrush or diving into a new book. This is giving myself that same importance that I bestow on others.
  • Simple things. A wonderful cup of coffee, a conversation with a friend who just gets you, a spectacular sunrise, a PR, the first flowers of spring. They are certainly not going to change the world, but they are pretty gosh darn amazing.

So, tell me – what does beautiful mean to you? 


5 responses to “What IS Beautiful?

  1. I really enjoyed reading all of this, it makes me happy to see this perspective that self love is more than physical attributions which I think people get caught up in way too often

  2. Love this and I totally agree. So many people get caught up in beauty as only a physical attribute and obviously that is not the case at all. The simple things are what get me through the day really…coffee..a quick meetup with friends.

    • Brittany says:

      You’re totally right — beauty is really seen as a physical attribute and it’s so much more than that 🙂 I live for the simple things — they happen so much more often than the “big” stuff!

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