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Blue Brigade: sneakers, socks, and cocktails

on January 23, 2013

Friends! It’s hump day already! yay! Where is the time going? I need more time in my day to tackle my ginormous to-do list!! And I just tell you that it is currently 5 degrees outside here in NY?!?!? OMG. It is not going to even hit 20 for the rest of the week. Holy freezing! My car was not happy about starting this morning (and I was not happy about sitting in it shivering — leather seats = cold tushy!) … and I have to get gas on the way home — doesn’t THAT sound fun?!?

So – I feel like I haven’t written anything in like …. forever? I also think I may subscribe to too many blogs? I have like 50-something posts to catch up on from the last 2 days (side note: how do people find time to post like 3x a day!?) — I have figured out that reading them while I am running on the treadmill works pretty good though (thank you iPad!) … and it passes the time. Speaking of running — I (finally) went to a store this weekend to get fitted for new sneakers! Come to find out my sneaker size is actually a half size bigger – and my foot is a considered a “little wider” — interesting! I tried on 3 different pairs and tried them out in the store and ultimately went with these:

New kicks!

New kicks!

Aren’t they GORGEOUS? I’ve always been a “Nikes girl” since I started running in 8th grade – so i guess that I’ll just continue on with the trend! These are the Nike Pegasus. They are super light, and they have a ton of cushion in them, so hopefully that will help with the shin pain (I’m going to be a distance runner yet! – hey I ran 4.0 miles the other day — that’s a new distance PR for me!). I haven’t tried them out yet, but a run is on the workout agenda today, and I am super excited to give them the test drive! Speaking on shin pain, I also got talked into buything these as well:

nifty compression socks. They are, of course, blue

nifty compression socks. They are, of course, blue

CEP compression socks – so now I have sleeves and socks. Apparently, the socks are more for recovery, and they are medically approved to treat shin pain … I can’t really speak to it yet. I have worn them – and they are definitely tighter than the sleeves — I’ve worked out, but nothing where I’ve been running or jumping, so I haven’t had the chance to try them in that sense yet. I will tonight though! (Another side note – have you ever tried Bob Harper’s Super Strength DVD? Holy moly! P did part of it with me, and even he was cursing Bob later that day! I’ve already looked into ordering his cardio one!)

And changing topics – last night P and I had a little date night. On the way to my aunt’s funeral, he won tickets to a musical, Million Dollar Quartet,  at our local theater! Who does that, right?! This is actually the second time he’s won tickets since we’ve been together – the first time was tickets to a Sara Evans concert! So we decided to use a groupon we had to a restaraunt down the street before the show. Dinner was nothing to write home about — other than our amazing cool, blue drinks. I can’t even tell you what was in either of them, but they were yummy!


yum. no, i did not try to steal the glasses.

The show was … interesting? The premise was a musical dramatizing the Million Dollar Quartet recording session of December 4, 1956, among early rock and roll stars Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins, and newcomer Jerry Lee Lewis. So … we definitely brought down the median age in the theater, and I think we didn’t “get” the jokes and we didn’t recognize all the songs — although the performers could most definitely sing! And then to top if off, because it’s never a dull moment – about 7 minutes before the end of the show, there was a medical emergency, and an ambulance had to be called! It made for a late night, but we got dressed up and fun together 🙂

Why yes, that IS my new sweater dress that I'm rockin' #love!

Why yes, that IS my new sweater dress that I’m rockin’ #love!

Other random noteworthy things: We went to TJ’s to pick up ravioli specifically for this recipe from Lauren! OMG, so yummy. You should try it! We made a couple of changes – we went with a different chicken sausage that we had on hand, and steamed extra broccoli and corn instead of eating it over spinach! #getsome! While we were there, we also picked up mushroom ravioli, butternut squash raviolo, cat cookies, PB filled pretzels, and “guilt-free” brownies (they are made with yogurt!) – I can say that everything was so yummy!

So after I freeze my ass off getting gas, I get to go to ShopRite and pick up the groceries that we ordered on Monday! I HATE grocery shopping, and, obviously, it was freezing. We had a credit from the first time that we had the groceries delivered, so we thought we’d try the “pick-up” option this time!  (mostly due to timing. I have no desire to go there one bit). So you can all think of my shaking like one of those (creepy) hairless dogs as I frantically run my errands. Hopefully, I won’t break my face when I get gas this time!


9 responses to “Blue Brigade: sneakers, socks, and cocktails

  1. i know isn’t this weather insane? i have never run in nikes but they are pretty popular at the store.

  2. lpodolsky410 says:

    So glad you enjoyed the recipe! Super quick, easy and delicious. My kind of dinners. 🙂

  3. I’m glad someone else reads on the treadmill. I don’t understand how some bloggers can post so many posts daily and comment on so many blogs. It’s why I keep my list pretty short. Upstate NY has been god awful lately so the treadmill and I are basically dating.

    • Brittany says:

      i used to have a hard time reading on the treadmill, but I find i can read blogs pretty easily! Plus, my treadmill is at home, and I would get bored starting at the dining room and living room!!

  4. runninguphills says:

    love, love, love. where should I begin? the color blue? check. compression socks? check. Fun dates? check. A boyfriend who wins prizes? Double check! this was a great entry! also so proud of you for getting new shoes and so glad you went a size up! Can’t wait to hear how it works! xo

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