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Friday Finds :)

on January 11, 2013

Hello dear readers… we have made it!! Friday is finally here and I am so, so, so happy — it has been a looooooong week!!

So, this post should technically be called “Friday Wins” — but that title is no fun and kinda crappy — these are some products that I won for being “Best Elf” in the Elf4Health challenge 🙂 I wanted to share them with all of you, since I kinda have come to love them!! So, first up: Flyties and SparklySoul bands!


The sparkly soul headband is the headband on the right that is gold — I will admit, that at first, I was hesitant to try this out – but that’s mostly because of the color (so silly, but I really dislike gold, lol) — but I did it anyway. These bands from are described as “no headache and no slip” and they stay in place no matter what type of activity that you are engaged in. I have used mine in all 4 of my workouts; this week I’ve ran, done my “Jillian Michael’s Killer Buns and Thighs” and “6 week 6 pack” workout DVDs, yoga, and some strength training.

I can confidently say that this headband will most definitely stay in place! I have bangs that I was clipping back before workouts, but by the end I always had stray hairs that escaped and were hanging in my face – ANNOYING!! But not the case for these babies — everything stayed out of my face, and once I put it in, there was no constant fidgeting/adjusting during my workouts!!! Plus, they are cute and girly and make me feel pretty!  LOVE THEM. I am so very glad that Sparkly Soul decided to be a sponsor of Elf4Health, because I don’t know if I would have bit the bullet to try them out on my own. I’m already planning on picking up a couple more! You can get them in many colors, and can choose the skinner one (3/8 inch) or the wider (5/8) – the one that is pictured is the wider one. The skinny ones runs$15, and the wide band is $17 — Go get yourself some!! 😉

Flyties are the hair ties that you see pictures on the right side of the above picture. They are made by finefeatherheads, and you can find them here!  There are 4 hair ties included in the set – so, they are fairly wide! The ones I have are called the “Macaw” set — but they come in a TON of different color combinations. I had been hearing the buzz about these in the blogworld – so again, super excited that they were another great sponsor of Elf4Health!! These bands are wide elastic bands that do not tug or damage your hair, AND they do not leave that annoying “hairband” mark in your head when you take your hair out! I will admit that there is “some” mark from the band, but it’s not nearly as bad as my usual hair ties, and it’s pretty easy for me to handle it with my hair straightener or blow dryer! again, LOVE THEM. Plus, they look super cute on your wrist AND in your hair!! Doesn’t get much better than that. I can also tell you that the bands hold you hair very securely! The bands go for $7.95 a pop, and you can get pretty much any color your heart desires! I need more ASAP — in blue, of course. Check out their website — they have lots of fun stuff, especially if you’re into feathers 🙂


Last up for today, Sia Botanics “Super C glowing skin tonic” — sounds intriguing right? I thought so! I had actually never heard of this company, so I was super psyched to try them out — although I am always wary of new skin products because I am so prone to breakouts 😦 But, I’ve been using this product with no difficulty!


This is descibed as “delivers a powerful dose of vitamin C in a bio available formula” and it is part of the “Tone/Exfoliate” skincare line!! When I opened this up, I expected it to be a cream of some sort – but it is little pads (I wish I took a picture – boo!!). The pads are circular, and they have a rough texture, to exfoliate. I have been using this for the last week after my PM shower (my after workout shower) – they are very mild, and the exfoliation feels really good!! I have noticed that my skin appears smoother and more even – I’m not so sure about “glowing” – but it’s only been 5 days 🙂 I’m really enjoying using it, and am looking forward to see what else their site has to offer — they have all sorts of products!

Well there you have it friends — I hope you got some good info from my mini-reviews … if not, well, thanks for reading anyway! I hope you have a very restful and relaxing weekend- it’s supposed to be 48 here in NY!


5 responses to “Friday Finds :)

  1. those flyties were so popular in my college, I never had one but always saw girls wearing them. have a great friday!

  2. I love flyties! I agree, they leave a little mark but overall far better than regular hair ties and they look better on the wrist 🙂

  3. Hollie says:

    I’ve never actually heard of flyties before. They look pretty sweet though. There are the weirdest things that I never knew existed until blogging!

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