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A storm cloud is following me…?

on January 9, 2013

Good Morning dear friends! How has this week been treating you? This week has been… yucky, stressful, blah  long, to say the least. I feel like my entire body sighs when I inform it that it’s only wednesday.

I don’t really know why I seem to have fallen in this mini-funk –I think there are probably many reasons that kinda add up to Brittany feeling a little blue the last few days. We finally de-christmas-ized the house this weekend, and the tree went out with the trash on monday night … the outside lights are still up, bt the inside of the house just kind of feels … empty and far less … happy? That sounds like my house is ugly and bare, lol, which it is definitely not! I think some of that feeling has to do with the holidays being over – it’s such a fun and exciting time, with lots of holiday traditions and good memories and jam-packed days and weekends. Everything seems slower and kinda gray-ish.

I’m also having a hard time getting back into the swing of things in my daily routine – which is odd, because honestly, I thrive on routine and structure. I attribute most of this to the fact that right before I left for break I was smacked over the head with a ginormous to-do list (read 8 “in-house” evaluations that are supposed to all be completed by tomorrow plus all my “outside” evaluations and other responsibilities). This is not atypical this time of year – we usually get slammed as we move into the start of “annual review season” — I think I am feeling less about myself because there is absolutely no way that those 8 evals will be completed by tomorrow. Not even half of them, actually –even through I am at work late every day — but to me, I think deep inside, that feels like a failure. And I don’t deal well with that. Less than perfect? Not acceptable! ( I realize that this thought is totally unhealthy – but it truly is ingrained as part of who I am)

I’ve also gotten some less then stellar news about some family members’ health, my younger brother had an allergic reaction to some barium that he had injected when he was having a CAT scan for possible appendicitis (he’s fine now)… my body feels tired and sore, and my left shoulder pain is back from typing report after report for beaucoup hours a day… I’m cold and lonely, and kinda cranky. And yes, I know that someone else always has it worse and that there are so many people that are suffering with so many real afflictions (and are probably doing it with more grace and tenacity then I am right now)… but UGGGGGGGGGGGG. I just feel like I’m sitting under a great big storm cloud the last few days. And to put it bluntly, it sucks.

So, let’s talk about the bright spots of the week, shall we?

  • Love, Love, LOVE my new grateful journal app that I told you all about — it forces me think about good things and how lucky I really am!
  • I love my Jillian Michael’s killer buns and thighs DVD. I did it as part of my workout last night, and it felt so good. I also finally picked up some weights for some arm strength training — yay!
  • emails with Gina — if you remember, she’s one of  my elves from elf4health, and we’ve become good friends — our daily emails make me feel like I have a friend sitting in the room with me 🙂
  • speaking of elf4health – i had 3 prizes delivered this week – a 6 pack of PB from Peanut Butter and Co, reduced fat cheese from Cabot Cheese, and a Naturebox! I can’t wait to tell you all about them!
  • I ordered this dress from Old Navy last night – it’s taken me about 4 days to decide to order it. I’m trying to “up” my fashion a little bit– mostly cause it makes me feel good about me. I’m really not a “dress kinda girl” but this one looks comfy — so we’ll see!!


  • I have some pumpkin bread today to crumble on my yogurt & fruit — YUM. I’m addicted to the stuff. (Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m almost out!!!)

Alright, Wednesday, I’m ready to tackle you — Brittany style 🙂 Here’s a littly funny for your hump day 🙂



3 responses to “A storm cloud is following me…?

  1. what is with this week? I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Hollie says:

    I have heard it’s almost unanimous that this week is going by so slow. Sadly for me, I’d rather is go by slow because I leave for work again on Monday. Meaning packing all weekend and up to the arctic tundra and into the snow.

    I love upping fashion and I love that someone else uses that phrase LOL!

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