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Hello Beautiful Friday … “funny” stories & a grateful app

on January 4, 2013

Oh Friday… you have no idea how happy I am to see you!! It has been quite a week — and I know that’s a sad statement since my work week didn’t even start  until Wednesday — but seriously friends, I have been on quite the accident/injury roll!!

It started on tuesday night –I had forgotten to start the dishwasher before bed, so I popped back downstairs to start it, and on my way back upstairs, I slammed my right thigh into the corner of an end table that my laptop sits on. OWWWWWWWWWWW! Moving on to wednesday — I had to get gas on the way home from work, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it home!! So I pump the gas (as quickly as possible, because it was freezing!), and I’m getting back into my car, and I somehow stupidly hit myself with the car door. And not just the car door – but the corner of the car door… REALLY? I get back in my car, praying that no one saw my stupid move (because I’m sure they would be laughing hysterically!!), and start to drive home. I happen to glance in my rearview mirror, and come to find out, I managed to cut my cheek, I’m bleeding, and already swelling. Really friends? Who the heck injures themself with a car door. That’s so sad! It’s actually still swollen and painful – thank goodness for coverup!

I got an owie :(

I got an owie 😦

So then Thursday comes along … I wake up thinking … yay! almost Friday — I got this!! Yeah, I totally didn’t. I get to work with no problem. yay! I get up to my office witout falling – score! And then I’m hurrying, trying to gather up my evaluation materials before our staff meeting starts at 8:00 … and I manage to spill my entire cup of coffee all over my floor. my carpeted floor. NOOOOOOOOOOOO… not my coffee!!! I think I stood there in shock for like 2 minutes just starting at the mess… so, then I have to try and clean it up… I do the best job I can, as quick as I can, because now I’m late to our weekly staff meeting. great. My usual seat has been taken, and I’m trying to come in quietly as I can, and squeeze between two people to take a seat in the back… and I get stuck between the 2 chairs … complete with my belt getting stuck as well. AWESOME (aka shoot me now before I die of embarrassment!)

So, meeting over… great! Finish cleaning up my office, pack up the rest of my stuff, and head out with a speech pathologist to do an evaluation… the evaluation is the assessment from hell….like kid screaming at the top of his lungs, running around the room, refusing to do any of the testing tasks kinda bad. Now, this, honestly, is not all that unusual…. and we usually get the evaluation done anyway… but this little kiddo… oh my goodness — he likes to throw things… like chairs, and garbage cans, hard plastic toys, and the water cooler, and completely trashed the room that we were using… not once, but twice!! After 2 hours, we look at each other, and I say, “I’m done”, she agrees, and we give up. First time I have not been able to complete an eval … it was crazy friends! I came back to my office, and pretty much got nothing accomplished, because i’m completely wiped out, not really functioning, and I’m afraid to move because I may hurt myself again! Made it home, got my workout in, (somehow!), ate tacos, and completely passed out on the couch at 8:15 (P was happy because he could watch whatever he wanted on tv!) … woke up at 10, cleaned up the kitchen, made my lunch, and made it to bed with no further injuries or accidents. GO ME.

So, today … I am DETERMINED that this will be a GREAT day… with no accidents, injuries, or mishaps! It’s the one goal on my agenda… and so far, so good (everyone now please knock on wood!!) … I have no idea what has been going on the last 2 days — my goodness! I have really been struggling the last 2.5 – 3 weeks with some weird tiredness – like could fall asleep at any time and having no energy at all kind of tired… it has not been a good feeling … I told myself that I would wait until after the holidays were over (since it’s such a stressful time of year anyway) and then would see a doctor if i didn’t start to feel better… well, I’m still tired a lot, but it seems to maybe be getting better? I’m still tracking it, no worries.

Now, let’s talk about something fun, shall we?! I mentioned in my last post that I had downloaded an app to help my with my “being grateful” new years goal!  It is called a “grateful journal” and I absolutely LOVE it!! The app is from happytapper and you can find it here:  — It only cost me 99 cents and it was worth every penny! It looks like this:

Screenshot 01               Screenshot 03                Screenshot 02

 (images from

The gratitude journal has lots of fun things in it — you can add your own pictures for each day, you can change your fonts, and you can set a reminder for yourself for it to remind you to fill out your journal. You can also rate the day and record the weather! I have been using the app for only 3 days, but I can tell you that I feel like my attitude is shifting … even yesterday, which kinda sucked, when I listed things that I was grateful for, I felt myself start to feel better!! If positivity, being grateful, or changing the way you view situations is on your to-do list, I would definitely recommend checking this app out!!

Friends, I hope that you are all having an awesome end to your week — the weekend is just around the bend!!!

(*note: The review of the gratitude journal are completely my own – I was not contacted by the maker of this app, I just love it and wanted to share it with you!)


12 responses to “Hello Beautiful Friday … “funny” stories & a grateful app

  1. owwww all of this just sounds so freaking painful. stay safe today!

  2. Caitlin says:

    Whenever I have days like that, I just want to get to bed so I can fall asleep and start fresh the next day! Hope you have a fun (yet relaxing and not so crazy) weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh.. I’m so sorry for all of the accidents, Britt!! But I’d be lying if I said that you didn’t make me laugh with your retelling of it. 😛
    Good luck on making it through the rest of the day without hurting yourself!! And enjoy your weekend! Hopefully this injury streak will end with this week.
    If not.. Feel free to write all about it. 😉

    • Brittany says:

      I’m glad I made you laugh — I will admit that I was chuckling to myself when I wrote it because it was just so ridiculous!

      • I’m glad that you can laugh about it and share it! 🙂
        Just goes to show that you can take ANYTHING and turn it into something good/fun. You may have gotten hurt (quite a bit, I might add..), but you got a good story out of it! 😀

  4. I’m sorry to hear of all the bad luck this week-holy schmee. It def sounds like something out of my life LOL. Feel better!

  5. bhuse5 says:

    I downloaded that same app the other day! Love it!!! I’ve been making it a point at the end of the night to fill it in.

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