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Biggest Loser?

on December 21, 2012

Well hello there blog friends 🙂 How goes it? I’m currently heading into the tail end of my last day at school before Christmas break!! YAY!!! I am SO ready fror break… I don’t even mind (much) that work is coming home with me!! I’m totally excited to have a week and change to “just be” — and perhaps catch up on some sleep? I don’t know what’s going on with me – but i have been EXHAUSTED the last few days — to the point where I’m asleep on the couch by 8:30! I think it’s just the job stress and heading into Christmas — but seriously, ENOUGH! I can’t get anything done when all I want to do is sleep — multiple people at work have been hit by a really nasty stomach bug — if it ends up being that, I may cry. But does someone want to deliver coffee to my desk? I could fall asleep now!!

Moving on — are you ready for Christmas? I’m not — I’m just about done, but have totally fallen down on the “I’m going to wrap 1-2 gifts a day’ plan that I had! oops. I sent out all the packages to my family in Georgia… and then just kinda closed my eyes when I walked past all the gift wrapping paraphernalia in the dining room. Last year P and I were wrapping gifts for HOURS on Christmas eve night — that is NOT going to happen this year!!

Christmas funny cartoons funny

Exciting news for me — I came in 3rd place in our biggest loser “season three” tournmane this time around! 😀 That amounted to $36 – so i basically got my money back — and I also lost 6.5 pounds — so I’m wicked happy about that. It was a pleasant surprise to be a winner, since I didn’t even think I was close — and now, today, I will totally eat all the sweets I want (ok, not really — but I think P and I should do our “go out for dessert advent activity that we had to skip” … and most definitely partake in a glass of “Relax” wine that my secret santa got me — it’s my favorite! I’m not at my “goal weight” yet — but I’m really proud of the work that I put in and how I have been feeling — I think I’ve even managed to get P on the fitness bandwagon, since he told me today that his goal for 2013 is to start working out with me (you may all nag him now obsessively to make sure he keeps up with this!!)

I love Christmas … but yesterday i was wishing I could still believe in Santa (the childhood one, not the lovey-dovey mushy explanation that we all use 😉 ) — remember how much fun and exciting Christmas was then …. I distinctly remember staying up one year on the couch to try to see Santa … and of course, falling asleep!!! Putting out the cookies, making my list, making sure that the chimney was open — believing was so much fun. And I remember when I figured out that Santa wasn’t real — by accidently finding “Santa’s paper” under my parent’s bed one night when I had a babysitter – and how crushing the disappointment was. There are times when i wish I could go back – I still get wicked excited on Christmas morning — but not like when Iwas little!!

Cute snowmen pictures that my students made :)

Cute snowmen pictures that my students made 🙂

I hope you are all taking a little time to relax, breathe, and enjoy the season — I know this is the time that it gets SO crazy — but try to enjoy it… I know I am — I have to stop trying to cram 100 things into every minute 🙂 Soon, it will be over!



3 responses to “Biggest Loser?

  1. I am so happy you are finally on break. well deserved! hey at least you won back your money and got closer to your goal, that is a great way to start the season! Nice job!

  2. You deserve that break ad congrats on the weight loss. How fun and getting money (even if it’s just your money back is even better). Have a happy Holidays!

  3. Beth H. says:

    Those snowmen pictures your students made are adorable!

    I’m with you on the Santa thing == I have some wonderful Santa memories as a child. Such a magical time!

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