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There are no words…

on December 17, 2012

I feel that I have been remiss in not saying a word about the tragedy (is there a word that is even greater than that?) that occurred on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary – to be honest, it’s taken me all weekend to even be able to say a word about it. Why is this happening again???  I am a school psychologist. I work with teenie tiny children every day. I love them all, and I would like to think that I, too, would put them first in the case of any kind of danger. I have also worked with children with emotional disabilities, and have been privy to mental illness — in my previous job,  I was threatened, and at one point was put in a position to handle a situation where there was a “plot” to “blow up the school” – – they were 4th graders who were spinning a story — but still, it was scary. School should be safe. I’m not sure that anywhere is safe anymore.

Mental illness is very real. It is not “all in someone’s head” … it isn’t funny. and people are’t just “crazy”  or “evil”… it is no different from those who are dealing with cancer, or autism, or any other condition that is life-long and life-changing. Individuals suffering from mental illess also deserve support, compassion, and treatment. We, as a country, need to do a much better job at developing effective ways to treat and respond to these conditions.  

That being said, my heart, thoughts and prayers, are with everyone who has been affected by this horrific tragedy – my heart breaks for those parents who will no longer be able to hug their children… there are no words. I am also so proud of the administrators and teachers who stood in the line of fire and protected their students. They are also heroes. God Bless all those children and adults who lost their lives on Friday and their families and friends who have to go on living without them.

Hug and love the people that are important to you today. Be kind to strangers. I’m so glad that a “Random Act of Kindness” is part of this week’s #Elf4health challenge — we, as a nation, and as people, need to experience some kindness and hope.


2 responses to “There are no words…

  1. Gina Diaz says:

    Great post lady. I cannot imagine what any of the families are going through. I’m also looking forward to the Random Acts of Kindness for #elf4health. I’m going to try to work that into a few days this week!

  2. Great words. All of the emphasis seems to be on gun control, when there should be more placed on mental wellness and mental health. Obviously the people performing these acts are not of sound mind and maybe some sort of help could have possibly changed the outcome.

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