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In need of an uplift! PMB

on November 29, 2012

Well, this morning got off to a crappy start… remember that driving picture i posted yesterday? I dont know if it was karma, or I was psychic, but I totally got pulled over for speeding this morning on the way to work 😦 😦  I will admit that I was totally guilty — I left the house late and knew we had an important meeting that I needed to be on time for. But still, it was a totally rotten start to the AM, and I haven’t been able to shake it of. I tend to ruminate and beat myself up for DAYS when I make a “mistake.”

Enter Miss Hollie and her Thursday PMB posts 🙂 Hollie makes me laugh and I think our sense of humor is pretty much on point –and I wish I could run like her!! If we ever met, we’d definitely have coffee — although I don’t think that she could talk me into gas station coffee! I’m a starbucks girl… but I might wrestle her for the whipped cream (who am I kidding? I’m totally passive aggressive and would wait for her to finish!) In an effort to not beat myself up, I’m going to employ a little bit of self love this morning 🙂

Physical :Since this is the first time that I’ve done a PMB post, this one is easy 🙂 I LOVE my eyes — I think that they are most definitely my best feature, and I try to play them up. They have a cool shape, and I love the green color 🙂

Mental: (As I am sitting here trying to think of something, I’m realizing that it is SO much easier to bash myself.. not cool Brittany).  I’ve been trying to work hard on not dwelling in the negative and replacing the negative thoughts with something positive. A little cognitive restructuring, if you will. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I’ve noticed myself doing it more often and with less effort 🙂 Sometimes, progress is measured in baby steps!

Pinned Image

Brag: I’m proud of my dedication to my workout schedule — I motivate myself to work out at least 4x/week (usually more) – and this hasn’t always been easy to do!! But I’ve made it a priority for myself and know that it makes me feel good about myself and it’s a healthy habit 🙂 This week, I’ve also been making time to workout for more than hour and dedicating that time to myself. Along with this, I’m so glad I signed up for elf4health – I’ve met some really cool new people, and am loving the challenges – it’s another thing I do just for me.

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Give yourself some self love today — we all need to give ourselves props for all the awesome stuff we do, all the challenges we face, and all the progress we make, each and every day


4 responses to “In need of an uplift! PMB

  1. Your eyes are gorgeous ps. I love your brag as well, motivation is something that can come hard for people so way to go on keeping your goals close. i am sorry about the speeding ticket, that is no fun!

  2. I’d go to the gas station just for you LOL. I have a grand story that might make you feel better about your speeding ticket. I had to get my car serviced Monday morning before I drove 700miles from VA to NY state. Everything was good to go and left and drove to NY without a problem. Tuesday night in Walmart parking lot I realize my headlight is out…so I thought not a big deal I’ll drive the 2 miles to get home and then get it fixed tomorrow. Nope got pulled over in those two miles. The next morning (Wednesday) the policeman recognizes my car and follows me into my work parking lot asking if I got my car fixed yet! Keep in mind he pulled me at 8pm Tuesday night and is now asking me at 9:15am Wednesday morning. I hope the week gets better for you!

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