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Candy Corn Martini and Frankenstorm…

on October 29, 2012

Guess what happened on Friday!?!? The candy corn vodka came out of the freezer, and these little glasses of deliciousness were created:

candy corn vodka martini

That, my friends, is a candy corn vodka martini, even though it’s in a margarita glass!! And it was delicious!! We tried to make them kinda look like candy corn — there is Bailey’s, buttershots, and candy corn vodka in there…. yum. And of course, I had to try the vodka to see what it tasted like…. and to me, just like candy corn!! Others have said it just tastes like vodka — but ours definitely tasted like candy corn. I was a happy girl! Sadly, I only had one… but am planning on making this my halloween drink of choice 🙂 If you’re into candy corn, I think you should definitely try out this little experiment!

Speaking of yummy – we made this for dinner the other night:

Sweet potato chili bake

That, my friends is a sweet potato chili bake – and you can find the recipe here. We followed the recipe exactly, and once the sweet potatoes are peeled and cut, the dish doesn’t take long to make at all! It has all sorts of delicious veggies in there, and the cornbread cooks on the top. It’s all kinds of sweet and savory and hearty. It’s so yummy and so filling! It makes a ton, and I just finished up the last of it for lunch!!

So, the weekend was busy – as usual. We did a ton of raking/yard work on Saturday and also worked on getting our new railings on the stairs on. We had iron railings, but when the brackets corroded we had an issue. So, we thought it was kinda expensive to replace the iron ones, so we decided to get plastic white railings, so that we could do it ourselves, and the railings wouldn’t take a lot of care in the coming years. Yeah well… it’s been 2 weekends now, and a ton of $, and only once side the railings are up. It’s taking FOREVER. Every little piece has to be cut to fit the stupid stairs and then the whole railing has to be re-assembled… for every. single.piece.  UGGGG. But, hey, at least the little trick-or-treaters will have one side of the railing to hold on Wednesday!

I like to rake leaves…. Wait! What do you mean this isn’t helping?!

We had professional family pictures taken on Sunday… and they were SO much fun!  We took pictures inside and outside, in tons of different poses, and Fiona was so cooperative. We go back in 2 weeks to see our proofs and I am so excited 🙂 I’m also glad that I can stop stressing about the photo shoot! We also spent Sunday getting ready for the “Frankenstorm” that is hitting today — mostly that meant putting stuff away outside that could possibly fly alway or into the house!! We also stocked up on a few supplies at the grocery store, made sure our meals for the next couple of days could be done on the grill, and checked the flashlights.  I have to admit that I was a litte more freaked out for this storm than usual…. that’s because this is what our house looked like after Hurricane Irene:

This is the 2 ton tree that hit our house and shifted the entire top of the house

Giant hole in the roof

One of our very huge trees came down in the wind and hit the top of our house, put a ginormous hole in the roof, and caused a TON of damage — thank God, no one was hurt – the tree hit the dormer in the roof, but if that hadn’t been there, the tree would have fallen in our bedroom and killed us!! Needless to say, that was a very scary storm, and we had a lot of aftermath to deal with!! Thankfully, we found a WONDERFUL contractor and had some square footage added to the bedroom. The rest of the trees, which were sadly completely dead and rotten, came down in June, so luckily, there’s no tree to come barreling through the front window!! So, hopefully nothing traumatic will occur if/when this storm hits! I’m headed home from work early today, since the kiddos are being sent home a little early as well.  If I disappear off the grid, hopefully it’s due to power outages — and hey, I can always drink my hallween martinis a little earlier then expected!!

If you are in the storm’s path, please be safe and make smart decisions!  🙂


4 responses to “Candy Corn Martini and Frankenstorm…

  1. gah glad you are ok, this storm is either really bad or just rain. crazy stuff to say the least. man that chili bake looks amazing

  2. that candy corn martini looks delish! 🙂

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