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Bad Blogger Alert…

on October 23, 2012

Did you think I fell off the planet? I know it’s a cardinal rule that bloggers are not supposed to apologize for NOT blogging, but I’ve been MIA for about a week and a half! Opps. I am still trying to figure out a blogging schedule… I get my workout in after work, and then it’s time to make dinner/eat dinner/clean up/prep for the next day, and then it’s couch time with P and our DVR! And that time is important to me, since it’s my only downtime… but, I’ll get it figured out 🙂 I’m also still struggling to find my voice, since sometimes I have no idea what to write about…. then I remember that I have like 4 readers, so it doesn’t really matter and THEN I remember that I blog for me:)

Anywhoo, Let’s play a little catch up, shall we? Were you wondering if I tried the Candy Corn Vodka experiment? Well, I did!!

aren’t the stalagmites and stalagtites cool?

Sadly, I haven’t tried it yet ( I know, pathetic!!!), so I can’t tell you how it turned out just yet! I can tell you that it’s a pretty orange color, and that the plan is to use Bailey’s and butterscotch schnapps to make some sort of martini!! I just tossed a bunch of candy corn into a mason jar, added about 3 cups of Vodka and let it sit overnight – then I strained out the leftover candy corn 😉

We also decided to paint/update our guest bedroom last weekend — we painted it a dark(ish) gray color and added crown moulding to the top of the room – It was P’s first project using his table saw, and first attempt with moulding — I think the results turned out pretty cool!! The plan for the room is to be gray and yellow – so the next step is finding bedding/accessories for the room, re-painting the old crappy dresser, and creating some sort of headboard! I love crafty projects!

I love the color — it’s actually a little darker than the pictures shows

I also tried out some new recipes:


I made

  • turkey meatballs for the first time (they turned out so yummy!! I was quite impressed with myself — They had ground turkey, breadcrumbs, egg, BBQ sauce, Worchestire sauce, garlic powder, and oregno in them, I think… I kinda made up the recipe as I went along!).
  • I also tried out apple cinnamon quinoa for breakfast (this was pretty good, but I ended up making it too sweet – I carmelized brown sugar on the top, and it was too much!)
  • butternut squash mac & cheese (that recipe came from my Cooking Light magazine and it was delicious! I’m so glad that we have leftovers)!

BUT by far, the BEST recipe (and the one you should try ASAP) was this one:

oh. m. gee.

This little cake of lovelyness was awesome. I made it for breakfast/brunch last Saturday and it kept our bellies full! You can find the recipe here — the only changes I made were too add 1 mashed banana and I doubled the recipe.

Let’s see, I also admired the fall foliage… from the car… I was driving from a n appoint for a psych consultant service (I do it every week) , and was admiring how spectacular the leaves were. I don’t recommend trying to take pictures while driving …. just sayin’ … I was totally THAT person that particular day. But how beautiful is fall?

just wow.

Other updates: Last Weigh-in (on Friday), I had lost 1.8 pounds — thank goodness, because I may have hurt someone if I had gained weight again!! I’ve been trying to cut down on the nighttime snacking — I always want to eat while I’m reading before I go to bed – at the very least, I’m being very strict about the portion size.

P and I also won a photo sitting with a local photography place — we entered a raffle at festival that we went to, and we were one of the winners — so we get to go have family photos taken — I’ve been SUPER stressed about what we were going to wear (sad, I know) all week, but now that that’s all decided, I’m really excited… we are even taking Miss Fiona with us 🙂 Pictures make me insanely happy … not having my picture taken, but the final product!!

I also managed to slice my finger open on a roasting pan that broke while I was organizing the pantry (this was super traumatic, because I have a hard time dealing with blood)… P was, of course, at soccer… and my mom had to come rescue me (further proof that I should never live more than ten minutes away from my family!) … we are putting up a new railing outside the house, since ours corroded away (holy expensive, btw!!), I’m trying a “sweet potato chili bake” for dinner, and as always, lots of play time and walks with this cutie pie:


So, now you’re all caught up 🙂 What’s up with you!?




4 responses to “Bad Blogger Alert…

  1. hey no apologizing right? don’t worry about not blogging, life is busy, very busy for everyone. number one, please share that candy corn vodka? or at least the candy corn? great new recipes too. I love how much you experiment, I need that inspiration.

    • Brittany says:

      *I will definitely share — I think we’d be good friends in real life 🙂 I find lots of inspiration on pinterest to experiment, plus P and I like to cook together, so it’s (usually!) fun! We also make a menu plan every sunday, which is so helpful for highly stuctured me, and the budget — plus we have this cute menu pad that hangs on the fridge! **~*Brittany*~*

  2. fitgirlprettyworld says:

    I missed your blog! Glad you are back. My blogging schedule is all over the place now too. 🙂
    Ps good job on cutting out the evening snacking. I’m really bad at that…any tips?

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