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True Confessions…

on September 18, 2012

I have been a bad blogger. I apologize for the utter lack of posts lately; I am having a hard time figuring out what I should post about, and when the best time to write posts is!! Anyway, moving on — it’s confession time!!

Confession: I am never going to be able to be a long distance runner. Even if I want to be. My past injury/surgery prevents me from putting in that kind of mileage if I want to be able to walk!! It sucks. I’m kinda jealous when I hear about others getting their 6,7,8 mile runs in. I’m putting in about 2.5 -3. I always wanted to be able to run a half-marathon, but I think I’m going to have to stick to 5K’s. I miss the quiet time I used to get when I went on longer runs, and I’ve found that it’s much harder to get to that place when  you’re running on a treadmill.


Confession: I don’t love pumpkin – but I don’t hate it either. I want to love it. I am feeling all fall-ish and craving all those fall tastes … and pumpkin is a huge one… but it just doesn’t make me jump up and down. I do know that is is really feeling and healthy, and I have been incorporating it into my smoothies in the morning.  I need someone to invent an apple spice latte or something!!

I wish I liked you.

Confession: The new Taylor Swift song is growing on me. It makes me chuckle since it makes me think of my middle school/high school relationships

Confession:I don’t think I’ve figured out what I want to be when I grow up yet. That’s super scary!! From the time I was 7 I knew that I wanted to work with kids, and I’ve wanted to be a psychologist for a really long time. But honestly, I don’t love my job description and I think I could write a very long post trying to pinpoint why. I spend a lot of time conducting evaluations and I spend a lot of time alone. I guess I don’t feel like I am doing worthwhile work or making a difference in anyone’s life, and that has always been my goal. The flip side of this is that I have NO idea what else I would do. I’ve always planned to go back to school, but that was to study for my PhD (I love school and I miss studying and learning). Now I feel like I am stuck at a crossroads and I can’t even read the road signs. I can’t even describe how much anxiety this gives me.

Confession:I want to try Crossfit. But I am terrified! I am scared that it will be too hard, and I won’t be able to do it, and it will be a waste of money. Basically, I’m scared of the unknown. SO, who wants to go with me??


Confession: I need want candy corn oreos. I should mention that I have an addiction or candy corn… the thought just makes me squeal in delight. I have been to 2 different Targets in search of these alleged cookies. I almost threw a tantrum in the store when the Target worker told me that they were already out of them. Look at this recipe I need them for!! If you find them, send me some (please).

Confession:I spend way too much time comparing myself to other people. Lately, this particularly applies to my body image and my fitness goals. I know I shouldn’t and everyone’s version of ‘heatlhy” is different. BUT I am very discouraged lately in regards to my weight loss goals, and lack of changes in my body; I have not seen any progress in a long time, despite the fact that I am exercising 5x a week and being very conscious about what I eat and eating cleanly. Our “biggest loser” challenge started up again this week at work, and I am afraid that I am going to continue to make no progress – espcially since at my first weigh in (in November lst year), I gained back almost all the weight that I lost. I dont know how thats possible, and just thinking about it makes me want to cry. 😦  I need to be happy with me.

Confession: Shopping makes me happy. Retail therapy anyone? I am currently on the lookout for some colored flats – especially blue ones!! I definitely don’t need any more shoes in my life… but I want them anyway. Cindrella is proof that a shoe can change your life!

Happy tuesday bloggers – it’s kinda rainy and dreary here today.  I wore my leopard print trench coat today – it makes me feel chic! Hope it’s a good day for you 🙂

~* XoXo,  B *~



5 responses to “True Confessions…

  1. I love this post, I am a candy corn addict so can’t buy it, Just can’t . I too spend way too much time comparing but lately I have kind of let that go, I realize my happiness was being determined by it. Ugh I hated giving it that power!

  2. love the confession posts 🙂 I definitely am in the same boat as far as the comparisons go. Reaching a fitness plateau can be hard but try and remember that everyone goes at their own pace and your body will respond when you’re ready. I’ve been wanting to try crossfit too! maybe it would be just the thing to shake up your routine?

    • Brittany says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Crossfit 🙂 traditional gyms have not worked for me – I seem to be more motivated when I’m working out at home (plus, my puppy doesn’t have to be crated when I’m doing it at home!) I just need to suck someone into trying it with me, I think. At least, the first time 🙂

  3. I can’t help but eating candy corn whenever I’m around it! It does kind of taste like plastic sugar to me btu it’s still so good!
    I’m also convinced I’ll never be a long distance runner. I try, I really do, but I just can’t fathom finding the desire to run more than 5-6 miles at most. I’m okay with that though!

    • Brittany says:

      I think I’m coming to grips with the long distance running! I ran 3.2 miles yesterday and I let myself be excited about that! I really need to invest in some compression sleeves 🙂 I’m still on the lookout for the those darn candy corn oreos!

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