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Farewell sweet summer…

on September 5, 2012

The end of summer came with a (pleasant) bang 🙂 You may remember from my last post (I’ve been MIA for a few days – sorry!!!) that we have been in Cape Cod for a few days  –I was still on vacation, and Pete took thursday and friday off – Pete’s parents have a house down there, so we packed up the car and hit the road on Thursday AM! It took us a little over four hours to get there – not too bad 🙂

Fiona gets to go too!!!

The first night was spent unpacking, chatting, and having some dinner with Pete’s parents on the patio. We also talked about what we wanted to do while we were there, since the original plan was to hit up Martha’s Vineyard on Friday … but a good old Google search helped us decide that we weren’t willing to spend the money for walking around the island. After a second google search, we discovered that Darius Rucker was playing the next night in a small venue (The Cape Cod Melody Tent) about 30 minutes away. After a frantic search, multiple emails sent to ticket sellers on Craig’slist, and a night of biting our nails, we were able to score tickets. 7th row tickets!!!!


Here’s the stage!

Here’s the stage

The venue is literally a tent, with “in the round” seating, and the circular stage rotates. So cool. One downfall, it was hotter than heck in there. Sweating in jeans = wicked uncomfortable. No matter – totally worth it. The concert was A-MA-ZING — Pete’s birthday happened to be on saturday, and this was the perfect kick off.

Oh, hello Darius!! 🙂

Happiness 🙂


Needless to say, a super fun night 🙂 Earlier that day, Pete’s brother, sister-in-law, and 2 nephews arrived – so we had a full house! Saturday was Pete’s happy birthday day, and we spent a big chunk of the day here:

Perfect beach day 🙂

And we had some of these for dinner:


ok, I didn’t. My belly isn’t a huge fan of lobster 😉 but I had scallops instead, which makes for a very happy Brittany! Sunday was spent shopping in Harwich and driving around Chatham before we headed for home! It was a great three days spent with family, good food, and a little relaxation before the school year began. I cant say that I ate the best … or got any real workout in… which made me extremely anxious, but eventually, I was just able to let myself  “be” –  <——Type A personality! (and you can bet that I was gettin’ my sweat on today)!

On Monday, we caught up with laundry and all that “house-stuff” … but I also did a little bit of baking 😉 I wasn’t able to bake Pete a cake on Saturday, and I was bummin’ … birthdays are a big deal to me and I love to celebrate them — every one needs a day to celebrate who they are (although, since my 30th birthday was this year, I’m not so big into celebrating MY birthday now!)  Anyway, this deliciousness came out of my kitchen:

oh yes. that’s a chocolate peanut butter cake. O.M.G.

I told Pete he had to pick between that cake and beer cupcakes. I think he made a good choice!


That cake, along with his new table saw “toy” made for a very happy boyfriend (*pat myself on the back for a job well done*) – and that finished up Labor Day weekend and summer is now over… officially, actually, since today was the first day back to school.  Just a staff day today – lots of meetings, trainings, getting the office ready, and getting my counseling caseload scheduled… the kids start tomorrow… then the fun really begins. I’m headed to bed early tonight since this morning’s alarm was a rude awakening!!

Good night bloggers!!

What are your favorite summer memories from this year? Did you look forward to school starting? (Can you guess what my answer is to this question?)


One response to “Farewell sweet summer…

  1. it is so hard to say bye to summer, luckily there a lot of things about fall that sound exciting.

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