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Protein Pancake Fail…

on August 21, 2012

This weekend was a fun and busy one!! We got some things done outside – we are working on replacing and fixing our front porch and deck- and also had the chance to have a mini-golf and ice cream date night on Saturday and caught a local production of Hairspray in the park. All in all, a very successful weekend… well, except for my attempt at making breakfast on Sunday!! I decided that I was going to make pancakes – this is nothing new – we tend to make pancakes a lot on the weekend around here! However, we had a lot of work to do and we have both commented that pancakes never seem to stay with us very long. So, I looked up a recipe for peanut butter protein pancakes and got to work!

I mixed everything up in the blender:

and poured the batter onto the griddle:


The batter was looking a little runny, and the recipe I was following called for casein protein, but I had used whey. So, I added a little bit of flour to help make them a little thicker. The pancakes cooked… strangely… or at least, differently! There were lots of teeny tiny bubbles and after I flipped them, they tended to cook faster in the middle and the edges curled up.

The end result looked yummy:


and the first bite was not so bad… edible at least if not yummy!! However, the pancakes got more and more chewy and difficult to eat and more tasteless. Needless to say, most of them ended up in the compost bin 😦 I’m still not sure what I did wrong. Maybe it was the flour??

At least dinner last night was amazing 🙂 I used a recipe for cherry balsamic salsa from Lauren’s blog … I just added some shallots into the mix and made 2 cups of it instead of half a cup. We ate it over baked turkey breast along with garlic and mushroom cauliflower mash. YUM!


the picture doesn’t really do it justice!!

On today’s agenda is a workout and finishing the painting of the trim on the front porch — tedious for sure, but it has to be done… I’m excited to get the “paint” on the floor. We are using a product called Deck Restore from Home Depot and I’m excited to see what it’s going to look like. We’re trying it out on the porch before we do the whole back deck! Happy Tuesday friends, hope it’s a great one!


2 responses to “Protein Pancake Fail…

  1. lpodolsky410 says:

    So glad you liked the recipe! Aren’t cherries amazing right now! 🙂

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