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Bittersweet Goodbyes and Celebrations

on August 17, 2012

Today is the last day of summer school. I am super excited to be on vacation for 2 weeks before the new school year starts! I’m already making a list (OF COURSE!) of things I want to get done… I think I better put “relax” on there!



But the end of summer school also means saying goodbye. Thursday was our “graduation” and “moving up” ceremony for our kiddos. Side note: I currently work at nonprofit private school as a School Psychologist (don’t worry, I’m already planning a post for what that actually is!). We are an integrated program, but mostly serve children on the Autism Spectrum and other developmental disabilities… I currently serve five early intervention/preschool classrooms and two school-age rooms; and we operate on Applied Behavioral Analysis principles (yet another post for another day)… needless to say, we are a very intensive program and are very close knit – many of our children are with us for multiple years.


Crossroads – check it out here

Ok, back to my story. Graduation is a big deal. For the staff. For the kids. For the parents. We practice for graduation every day for six weeks… and many of the kiddos practice their skits/songs for most of the year! Yesterday went off without a hitch – it was an amazing display of how much my students have grown and progressed over the last year. I was so proud. To watch the kiddos walk, all by themselves, with no prompting, across our blacktop to receive their little diplomas… incredible. So today, we are having “Fun Day” as our last day together (with some of them), and get to play together.  Then, we will say good-bye, and send them off to their new schools and teachers, knowing that we have done our best to prep them for their new adventure. So, bittersweet, yes. But also a reminder to celebrate ALL accomplishments… big and small. In fact, there are no small accomplishments. It’s so important to celebrate, reflect, and feel proud every day. 


Happy weekend friends — make it a goal to celebrate yourself and all your accomplishments — I put it on my “to-do” list!! 🙂


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