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Weekend…the post that didnt publish!!

on August 14, 2012

(I wrote this post yesterday… but apparently it didn’t publish!? 😦 )

It’s Monday — and a happy Monday this time around! This is the last week of summer school and then I have a 2 week break before the school year starts… I am anxiously awaiting Friday although there is a whole lot of work to accomplish before it gets here!

So, going to the race track was a lot of fun J I can’t say I’m a millionaire though! I won only one race… the 7th horse in the 5th race is almost always a good pick – at least for me! I had much more fun watching the people at the track anyway. I’m no fashionista.. but how do people choose their outfits… and I sometimes wonder if they own a mirror at all? For instance, when did bootie shorts make a comeback… new rule: if you put your hand on your butt cheek, and you can feel skin – GO CHANGE! And along with that, bras should not be optional, black spandex should not be a choice for everyone (ok, any spandex!), and if you can’t walk in your shoes without looking like an ostrich, you may want to leave them in the closet!! I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to clothing – I LOVE to shop, but I like to be cute and comfortable. There’s no saying I won’t be nominated for “What Not to Wear” any time in the future, and everyone should feel good in their clothing – but bare butt cheeks… really?? Well regardless, people are interesting, and it made for a good time at the track J You can never go wrong with making memories with friends!


I did this workout on Saturday after my cardio on the treadmill… I only got through 3 sets… holy moly! I’m still feeling it today!! But I love that.


I can’t say I ate all that great on Sunday – there was a pancake breakfast fundraiser for work in the AM, and then I pretty much snacked all day at the track and indulged in some adult beverages… although we did split a pizza at one point and I ate chicken salad for dinner…  My tummy was definitely not loving all the snack foods though, I am feeling it today. Oh well, back on track today – I have a big salad for lunch and we’re making baked ziti for dinner!


One response to “Weekend…the post that didnt publish!!

  1. Well, even if you didn’t win all of the races, I’m glad you had fun with your friends! 🙂
    That workout looks really good, by the way! I might do that after my cross country practice later!
    Also, I’m sending your package out today!!! Woohoo!! 😉

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