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Last Night

on August 14, 2012

This yumminess happened last night:

 Baked ziti with garden veggie turkey sausage and some mushrooms that were hanging out in the fridge; at the last minute we also threw some leftover meatballs on top too. Sauteed the sausage and veggies and then let those simmer in marinara sauce  (that I doctored with some spices)… then we layered the ziti and the sauce, light sour cream and cheese and popped it in the oven… YUM. AND, there’s leftovers for lunch. BONUS!! Super easy dinner – although the prep felt like it took forever.. but I think that’s because I did it after I finished my workout, and my arms were tired!

Speaking or arm workouts, I did this one that I found on Pinterest, along with some cardio intervals. I’m dreading the treadmill lately… actually, all my typical workouts lately – I must be in a rut. Ideas?


Pinned Image


After dinner, I FINALLY made it to our new Trader Joe’s. At 8:30 PM, it was still a madhouse. And honestly, I was not all that impressed… and I was disappointed about that! They had some pretty cool products, and I think part of my issue was that there were so many people that it was hard to see anything, and I don’t like dealing with a ton of people when I am trying to browse. We did bring home some coveted items though:


We got the “it’s better than crack and you’ll sell your TV for more” cookie butter (that’s what the cashier told us – we haven’t tried it yet!), cinnamon sugar pita chips (for dipping in the cookie butter), and of course, Fiona got some treats too…


She loved them 🙂

I also discovered that the dark chocolate coconut water that we use in the morning for smoothies came in a bigger container and was cheaper 🙂 LOVE THAT! I’m headed to the post office after work – I have a very special package to get sent out! 😉


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