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Thursday Tidbits…

on August 9, 2012

Lists make me gloriously happy, so here are some completely random Thursday thoughts for your reading pleasure!


1. When I miss workouts, it gives me anxiety. Does this happen for anyone else?! I typically fit my workout in after I get home from work, but there are times when I have to stay late, or there are things that need to be done after work and I just run out of time!  I don’t know if it’s because I know I feel good after I work out or I’m worried about all the calories I have not burned off!

2. I love Chobani yogurt. The first time I tried greek yogurt, I HATED everything about it! But I decided to give it another go, and now I eat one every day for lunch – mixed with berries and yogurt. I used to obsess about the apple cinnamon flavor, but since the warm weather hit I’m loving the raspberry and lemon flavors!

There’s my yogurt, berries, and granola on my desk yesterday!

3. How did I ever live without my iPhone? I do everything on it! I’m not loving that it’s running out of battery charge so much, but maybe I should put it down? (sidenote: don’t try putting your iPhone in the washer. Another story for another day!)

4. Dinner last night was super delicious! We made this recipe from Courtney of a sweet potato and ginger chicken bake. We had it served over a lemon and parsley orzo pasta that we bought at our local farmer’s market! It was so yummy and you can bet I have some for lunch today. The leftovers are also amazing on grilled pizza (another Courtney recipe! I love her blog) – a little olive oil, fresh basil, goat cheese and the leftovers!

You should make this!

5. We’re headed to the Saratoga racetrack this weekend – it’s a “Must-do” for the summer if you live here! I am horrible at making bets on horses, I always pick the horses by their names and colors, but I always bet the 7th horse in the 5th race, since my birthday is 5/7

6. I want to hit up the new Trader Joe’s that just opened in my area… but it is still mobbed!! I hate dealing with massive amounts of people in the grocery store, especially when I want to browse.

7. Why do so many people procrastinate? And how does it not drive them crazy? I can’t stand when things hang over my head! It makes me happy to accomplish things early!

8. I want to make it to the beach at least once this summer.  Reading in the sun also makes me happy.

9.I have a serious craving for fro-yo. It’s a really good thing that TCBY is not close to my house, because I know I’d be there every day. There’s something about make you own healthy sundae that is so enticing!

10.  Pete and I take the puppy for a walk just about every evening before bedtime. It’s probably one of my favorite times of the day, as long as I have bug spray on! It’s a good time to unwind a little bit, put the iPhones down and chat while exercising. I can have a hard time falling asleep at night so unwinding time is so important.

11. I need to make these ASAP! Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bars

Happy Thursday! The weekend is right around the corner! What do you have planned?


5 responses to “Thursday Tidbits…

  1. Amy says:

    My favorite flavors change with the seasons, too. Right now I’m on a huge Pineapple and Passion Fruit kick, but in the winter I was loving Apple Cinnamon!


    • Brittany says:

      Thanks for commenting on my blog Amy! I am searching all over for the chocolate flavor now!! I have a feeling that will be an “always want” flavor!! I have raspberry today!

  2. Aww!! I can totally relate to #1, but I’m starting to get better with that. I feel like you shouldn’t really feel bad for missing a workout. There’s so much more to life, and it’s not like one missed workout is going to make/break you. I’m not talking about YOU, Brittany, haha! I just mean that I was really REALLY bad about it before. I used to even cry from frustration or something.. Not good.

    Have fun at the Saratoga racetrack! I hope you win something. 😉 Haha, and make some Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bars to enjoy while you’re there. 😛

    • Brittany says:

      Hi Goober 🙂 I am trying to be better about my workouts and feeling okay about missing them… glad I am not the only one!! Making the PB banana oatmeal bars for the track is a great idea!! I was just trying what to bring with me for snacks 😀

  3. I hope you enjoy the bars!!!! 🙂

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